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Getting my new foundation poured

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Just wanted to put some pictures up of the foundation for my Massey 2CWT looked like while it was being poured

The first is the hole with reo and anvil box in place.

Second shows where the shed is going and all the props used to hold the formwork down.

Third is starting the pour, an extra prop was added to hold the anvil box down.

Fourth is finished pouring ready to screed off. There ended up being four cubic metres of concrete going into the hole, I think the boys got a bit enthusiastic jackhammering out the hole and it got away from them a bit.

Fifth is the dog helping clean up the bracing for the formwork. He keeps nicking bits of wood and burying them in the garden.

Tomorrow the rest of the retaining wall is being done as well as some plinths for the gantry.







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