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buffalo blower rebuild... help?

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OK, I've ripped my blower apart, and got everything clean and happy, but have a problem or 2, the first is that I am missing one of the gear adjustment plugs that thread into the bushings that hold the central gear in place. I don't have any clue what they are called or where I might obtain a replacement aside from a machine shop. It looks like a set screw with a single ball bearing embedded into it that presses into a second ball mounted into the end of the gear shaft. Anyone know what this kind of setscrew is called?

The second is the shaft that the fan rides on confuses me, it has ball bearings, one side is held on by a snap ring, and the other has nuts that thread on. I am at a loss for how the hell these would seal enough for the crank casing to hold oil. Each side has a cap, but they don't fit anywhere tight enough to keep in oil, and there is a hole in the one on the fan side for the shaft to slide through.

I also found it odd that the upper gears would be on bushings and the lower is on bearings... might this be a custom aftermarket modification? Any thoughts guys?

I can get pics up later if you guys need them.

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ok the idea is not to hold oil in the gearbox.... its a lube with a couple squirts of oil once a day type of thing.. and as to why not ball bearings everywhere? cause bushings were cheaper!might have been modified by a user who wore out the bushings,,, good luck

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I would call what you describe a thrust bearing. Short of making one I don't know how you can get one. Trapping a single ball bearing with a cup end screw may do the job.

These things DON'T seal. They get just a little oil at a time so the gears and bearing stay wet, but not continuously bathed in oil. I use a squirt of ATF for 1/2 day of use, but that might be enough for all day. Some people like stickier oil like chainsaw bar oil.


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