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My latest and a personal best!


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Here are some pics of my latest knife. I had a couple firsts on this one. First knife with bolsters and my first time dealing with synthetics for handle material. Some Specs:
blade steel: 5160
quench: x3 in canola oil
temper: @350 x2 cycles
Guard and pins: SS
Handle: black G10 (woven cloth fiberglass composite)
The blade is 3 3/4" X 1 5/8" . The overall length is 7 1/2". The handle was sanded down to 1500gritt and wiped down with a wax coating to help bring out the shine. I think this one is a personal best for me and i learned a good bit during the under taking. Thanks for looking!!




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Thanks Guys.

Phil- i brought the blade down to 1500gt and in the light of my shop i didnt see any lines. After your comment i went back to inspect it and yes i can see some faint lines in the blade especially in the glare of the light. Guess i'll have to bring it back to the table. I really need to get a buffing wheel and a good compound to use. Thanks for pointing it out.

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Sorry to disappoint Phil but all in all i'm personally very satisfied with this blade. I'll definately be going back to get the lines out as this is a birthday present for a very good friend and i want it to be right. Thanks again for looking and the comments.

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Thanks for the input Mr. Jimmy. The lines on that blade are insignificantly shallow and very very fine. I think a quick buffing would take them right out but i unfortunately do not currently have a buffing wheel. So i will go back and start at maybe 1000gt and work back up to 1500gt to get them out. I can indeed see myself in the blade currently and i'm usually satisfied with that myself but Phil had to go and point out the lines ;) . Just kidding Phil. Thats why i like this site. Most here are not only willing to part with a wealth of information but are also willing to call you on your short comings and in doing so help you to be a better blacksmith/bladesmith in the end. Thanks again!

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