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Painting a Champion #401 forge pan


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I recently acquired a badly rusted Champion #401 forge pan, with the leg assembly, but minus the forge blower. After attacking the rust with vinegar, wires brushing and finally a circular wire brush attachment that fits into a drill, the forge pan cleaned up quite nicely. Then I got to thinking it would be nice to paint the forge pan flat back, the tuyere plate red, the outer circular upright also flat black and the little #401 tag red. I really just want the unit to stand out.

Now I'm thinking it's not so great of an idea because the heat produced in the forge pan would cause the painted surfaces to smoke, blister, catch on fire, etc. I know they make a high temperature (1200 degrees) spray paint. If I used a rust inhibiting primer, then the high temp paint over that, would that work? Any guidance or suggestions would be appreciated. I don't want to make the forge unusable just for the sake of giving it some bling.






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Agree with everybody else. Start with a rust converting base coat (duplicolor makes one Linky as do many others ) Then hit with paint. Lining the forge should negate the need for high temp paint, but BBQ paint usually has a nice matte finish to it. And don't bother painting the tuyere plate. you won't see it under the fuel.

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