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chainmail bible cover


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i feel almost stupid, but satisfied and exuberent about my newest project. started a chainmail bible cover and have been useing rings 1/4 inch wide. its 9 6/16 tall and 7 inches wide per cover with a 2 inch spine. standard 4 in 1 weave. I'm going to make elfsheet as a border all the way around. funny part is that, as usual, i didnt think about the extent of the project as much as i should have. i have 2 inches to go and, if my math is right, the main body in 4 in 1 will be 7600 rings compacted in a small space. and about 3000 to 4000 in elfsheet. using leather for the inside to attach to the cover. other than sharing and bragging rights im curios as to what you would be comfortable paying. this last bit is just an extra. ive already decided on 100 to 150 for it. if it doesnt sell im giving this one to my Dad for christmas. if it does sell then ill just make another one.

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sorry fellas. my digital camera is on the fritz. tries to take a pic and then tells me to replace my batteries even when they are fresh. so far the weight is 2 pounds at a glance. its a good tight weave. ill borrow my brothers camera when ive got more finished. right now its not full assembled. just sharing lol.

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