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I Forge Iron

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I am always impressed with craftsman who builds their own tools and equipment.
The satisfaction of using tools I fashioned multiplies the feeling of accomplishment each time I produce a product with them.
My dilemma is that all I want to do is make more tools for my self.
If I was to join a 12 step program, I would have to introduce myself in the following manner: “Hello”, my name is TED. “I AM A TOOL JUNKIE”, and I don’t want to stop!
Ralphy thanks for sharing your photo’s with us. Proof is in the pudding. I like your towel holder.
Dr. Dean, I hope you will share photos of your anvil development in progress.
Be safe!

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Thank you for your kind comments and questions.
Dr.Dean,the anvil was made from scrap from a former job,
the main body is 2"x 6,1/2"x 20" to the tip of horn and 1"x 6,1/2"x14" side plates making a 4" wide body,the top is 1"x 5,1/2"x14" and the feet are
1,1/4"x 4"x8"plate. the weight? i dunno,,heavy, 100-150 lbs.
I made my equipment because,i was interested in the craft, but I felt if I
purchased an anvil and other tools and turned out to not like or do well, then
I would have wasted money.
So Ted, I been working at it for a little over a year and I do enjoy making differant things and this site and another called Anvil Fire, have been inspiring
and educational .
thanks for allowing me chatter on

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