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I thought there might be some buzz here about last weekends event. seems pretty quiet. I just wanted to say I had a great time. First time I've attended an event of this nature. I overheard some people talking about this site so I know there were members in attendance.
I've been lurking here for about six months now.
Have a good one,

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I was wondering which team won. Well they all were winners in my book but I guess the judges must have selected a best table. I left right after the tables were set out for display and photography with the teams. Missed the auction. I liked the team in the Southwest corner. They had their prints right out front on a table so I could kind of follow what it was they were trying to make. The other teams all had their designs at the back where I couldn't see them.
Thanks for the video. I missed that part I think. Must have been Thursday or Friday? I didn't get there till Saturday. It reminds me of when the next team over had three hammers going driving the wedge through a part. I thought that was all very entertaining. That team in the video certainly had the most freeform of the designs. The next team South had an unusual design too that I couldn't figure out until it all came together. The team in the Southeast had a great table but more of a traditional design in my opinion.
By the way, a bit off topic, but I love the bowls you make.

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