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After a long break, I'm making knives again.


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I first got into blacksmithing and bladesmithing when I was 14 or 15. I obsessed with it quite a bit for a few years but never really got very far. I kind of took a break for several years. I'm 20 now and working at it again.

We had a wet saw blade break at work recently. I took the blade home with me and made a knife from it.

Kind of a bad picture, but oh well. Cocobolo handle, brass rivets and guards, high speed steel blade, hardened to 65 rockwell.

I also have a question though. I'm getting a belt grinder next week, and there are way too many kinds of belts. Can anyone steer me in the right direction?

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It's a stock removal blade, I simply left it at the hardness the blade was at, which is rated at 63-65. I was concerned as well, but I did a few tests with the material and despite the high hardness it is rather tough, possibly due to it's very high chrome and vanadium content. I wouldn't use it for a longer blade, but this one has a roughly 3.5" blade and so won't see too much stress. But you may be right, we'll see. If I made another knife from these I may draw back the temper a bit, this stuff was a bear just to sand and grind to shape.

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Hi, nice looking knife for a first one back to making. What kind of grinder are you getting? Most bladesmiths use 2x72 simply because the selection of belts is so much better than other sizes. I have the KMG from Beaumont Metal Works, for the money you wont find a better grinder. For a more economic unit I want to say Coote or Grizzly both make decent grinders but have not used them myself. I get my belts from usaknifemaker.com they have written up a pretty good overview of belts explaining what to use for what etc. I found it helpful. Good luck and welcome back to knifemaking, -Justin

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