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Hello all. I’m from Brunswick MD. I’ve been thinking about blacksmithing for about a year now, recently a friend of my wife gave me a centaur style coal forge, a rail road rail anvil and some coal about a month ago to get started.

Finally found a blower for it (actually it’s a Champion Forge & Blower Co. No.60 Hand air pump. But it will have to do till I can afford a proper blower.) for $30 .


I'm realy looking to get into tool making and such. Been reading The Complete Modern Blacksmith by Alexander G. Weygers as a starting point for learning the trade. Anyways I look forward to conversing with everyone here and learning all I can.

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Welcome to blacksmithing. There is a new Guild starting up not to far from you: The Blacksmith Guild of Western Maryland. They meet one Saturday a month at Wally Yater's place on Mousetown Rd, Boonsboro, MD. Contact Wally at 301-432-5789 wallaceyater@yahoo.com to find out about their next meeting.
The Blacksmith Guild of Central Maryland meets at the Carroll County Farm Museum in Westminster. Our next meeting is Sunday, 21 Aug. You can keep track of our meetings via the BGCM HotLine: 410-386-9150 Meeting annoucements are also poster here on I Forge Iron (Glenn, thanks for providing that service to blacksmith clubs).

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Thank you for all the welcomes. Attached aree pics of the railroad rail anvil that came with the forge. I do have a question though. What grease do you guys recomend for the blower gears? I need to grease the gears of the blower I got and didn't know if there was a type I should get due to the heat and all.post-22056-0-47030300-1312669918_thumb.j


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