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Finally Finshed & Working

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I finally finshed the hood - I think it will work pretty good, I did not build a big fire did not even preheat the hood.
No smoke in my shed it sucked it all in the hood also sucked ash into the hood.
Im only 3 ft. above the peak may add to it to make 5ft. need to make a rain guard - the one thats just a bigger pipe section.

I made a new ash dump cover for my fire pot, my old cover leaked lots of air.

That old Royal blower will really make it talk now.
Fixing my blower next thing on my to do list
I took a few pictures of the hood working

sidedrafthoodworking31.jpg sidedrafthoodworking2.jpg

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Looks very nice. Mine looks similar to it. When I was building mine I was told to add a lip around the opening. I was told this would make the air go around it and pickup more of the smoke. If it is left flat the air will go across the front and not be as efficient. I've tried different widths and all seem to work to some extent. When I fire my forge up there will be a gap of clear air around the perimeter and all the smoke goes in the middle.
MT Forge

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