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What counts for close........horseshoes, hand grenades......lightning.......Welding outdoors a couple of days ago I heard a rumble, then a few booms, a patter of rain........just a few more beads to go........CRACK!.........The tree took a direct hit and I was welding on the other side of the building with the red tile roof.....100-120 ft away on the other side. I wannabe back in my shop pounding hot steel.........



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ARE YOU CRAZY!!!! Standing on a METAL rail, WELDING, in a THUNDERSTORM???!?!?!? Man, you been breathing too much fumes, I think it has affected you thinking. You did get down on you knees and thank GOD ALMIGHTY that you weren't hurt...didn't you? Glad you are still around to post. Ya ever think of maybe doing something a little less dangerous, like skydiving?

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