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Anvil - looking for one about 40 ish to 60 ish pounds

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I'm on the hunt for a portable anvil. I attend 18th century living history events as a participant, and am changing my event participation from a Scout and longhunter type persona and leaning more toward doing blacksmithing.
I have recently acquired a portable forge and blower, but I need an anvil. I have been reading alot on anvils less that 100 pounds .... I have to carry the darn thing !! I know to stay away from any of the chinese junk anvils and cheap made cast iron anvils, and will continue to read and be more educated on these.

I'm hoping to find a decent cast steel anvil in the real near future that weighs somewhere between 40 to 60ish pounds. It doesn't have to have a name on it, as long as it is of decent quality, has a good surface, a horn that comes to a good point. I know that there is the large hammer in coming to Troy in September, but there is no guarantee I can get away from work to attend. Thus .... I am starting my hunt here to see if any list members might know where there is a decent lightweight anvil that I can acquire. Quality is first as I will be using that anvil for many years to come at events and at home.

Thanks in advance ....
Ohio Rusty ><>

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As I mentioned in your other post Steve Parker *forges* and heat treats nice travel anvils with a good spike to set in a convenient stump. He did a 25# one for me that would be more likely for your time/place---fellow who does F&IW thought it was spot on for his time/place and I've seen a similar one in the roman museum in Bath England.

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