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Cannedy Otto Camelback drill

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Hi all,

I recently bought two camelback drills. the Smaller of the two currently works, and is an unknown make. She stands about 5' tall, and has a rectangular table which leads me to think that it's relatively newer.

the bigger of the two, is currently in pieces. it had been sandblasted and clear coated by the previous owner-which did a phenomenal job of stopping rust, but turned all of the sand blast media into glue and seized everything something awful. This one is substantially larger, and I am thinking older due to the round table, and older style chuck, and the "sash weight" to bring the quill back up. I am wondering several things about this.

first off, I think it may have originally had back gearing and/or auto feed, but several parts are missing, so if anyone has pics it would be a great help. I doubt I'll find parts, but I just want to know what it would look like. Along those same lines, if anyone has an old advertisement for Cannedy Otto camelbacks, I'd like to see that too.

Second, Several of the parts will need to be polished. parts of the quill, some of the handles, and part of the main support column that the table rides up and down on. my question is, how do I polish these? I was thinking about taking a palm sander for the support column, but I can imagine that taking forever. What about for the handles? just dremel it carefully? possibly flap wheels?

Lastly, I'm looking to restore this as accurately as I can; so would anyone know what the original colors would be? I'm thinking black because I see lots of other CB's that re, but I'm also thinking that "rust" red that I've seen some Cannedy otto blowers with gold lettering. And what about paint? do I have to use a certain machine grade?

Thanks all! with any luck, I'll have a camera at the sop tomorrow and I'll snap some pics. Maybe even pick up my baby tabletop camelback too.


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