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Some knives I've done

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Hi everyone, I am pretty new to this forum and thought I would share some knives I have done and a couple I'm working on. I've been forging knive for a little over a year now. I became interested when I was looking for a new chef knife and came across Japanese gyuto's. Long story short, I couldn't afford a new knife but did come across a website showing how to make a knife out of an old file. Soon after I found Ron Reil's sight and built a gas forge. Well soon I was out of files and was srarting to get something looking like knives. So here's where I'm at...

This Is the first knife I finished. probobaly about four months ago. It is forged 1084fg with titanium liners and G-10 scales.


This is the second knife I finshed, It is a 9" W2 honyaki wa-gyuto. It is currently in use as my daily use knife(I'm a chef).It is very sharp, very thin and very light.


The third knife I finished is a largish drop point hunter in W2 with a desert iron wood handle, cable guard and brass spacer.


Those are the knives I have finshed, but I have several I am working on. This is a W2 santuko that I should finish up in the next several days.

This is another large drop point that I will also finish up in the next few days, well maybe more like a week.


Here are several swords I have been working on, the first is a cable katana I did last summer. I am not entirely happy so I don't plan on polishing, it has been lots of fun using though. The next one down is a W2 katana I forged ealier this week. The one on the bottom is another cable katana I finished forging today. I don't have any way to temper these two at present so it will be a while before I heat treat and polish them. hopefully not too long.


Thanks for looking, let me know what you think. -Justin

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Hi, So I've had some time to work on the large drop point knife. I got the tenon for the guard filed in and had a chance to polish it.
The blade is 8" in W2 with a false edge along the last third of the blade. I plan on finishing it with a stainless guard and chestnut burl handle. There were a couple problems with it, I goofed a bit on the plunge lines, and the hamon is to close to the edge(a little hotter next time) but overall I am pretty happy with it.



So there it is, thanks for looking I would love any feedback, -Justin

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Hi, so I've just about finished the large drop point which I am now calling a drop point fighter. The handle still needs some sanding and so does the guard but it is 90% there.

It is W2 tool steel w/ 416 Stainless guard and brass spacer, w/ chestnut burl handle. The blade is just under 8" and the overall length is 13".If anyone has any suggestions on how to finish the handle I would love to hear. It currently is at around 400g and rubbed lightly with oil, I am thinking maybe polyurethane but don't have a lot of experience finishing wood and welcome advice.So thats it, thanks for looking. Let me know what you think, -Justin



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By the way... im also a chef/owner of a restaurant whos venturing into blacksmithing.. is that weird or what?

Not at all, I was a chef for 11 years and it was the cause of my interest in bladesmithing. I think if you spend a lot of time using knives, you begin to see how they are all not quite perfect for your hand. At least that was how it was for me.

Justin, where are you at? I'm asking because you mention you are using a wood handled knife daily in a commercial kitchen and I have yet to meet a health inspector that was happy about that. Was I unlucky to work in cities with tough codes? or have the health services come to their senses in the time I have been away?

Edit: I should add that they all look good and look like working knives. Congrats.
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Hey thanks guys, I am working at a boarding school in western Montana. Now that you mention it I'm not sure about health code here and wooden handles, but we are not a restaurant so don't fall under jurisdiction of the health inspector. At least we don't think so :) Anyhow cool, three chef/smiths.
Since posting these last pics I have re-shaped the handle some and re-ground the false edge, my camera however is on loan to someone so no pics for now. hopefully soon. Thanks again, Justin

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