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silver cleaner


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i found out something you should want to try. i do not know what is happening on a molecular level. what i did was add = parts salt and baking soda into water i dissolved as much as i could. i put in my tarnished pice of silver. nothing happened so i thought to add current to it so i placed in my aluminum wire with out power and in front of my eyes the tarnish went away. if you add current it will work even faster.you can do this with any al even foil. you should try it if you have tarnish silver. just make sure not to touch the al to the silver or it will not work. i hope you enjoy this it is amassing in person. i know this is some sort of electro chemistry but i am not sure on what is happening.

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Just be careful when doing this with boiling thing with jewelry, some stones just don't like being boiled alive :blink: After you have cleaned up your silver put it in a bag to protect it from the sulfur in the atmosphere or it will go black on you in a short time again. Some fabric stores sell a special fabric to protect your silverware from tarnish. Remember the more tarnish you remove the less silver you have for the future. Fine silver tarnishes at a slower rate than Sterling silver, no copper in fine silver.

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