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I spent the last two days on a projects list for a show coming up in a couple weeks and I started off by trying my hand at making some heart hooks I saw pictured here awhile back. I have a new camera, it's digital, and I'm not so bare with me.


These were a good challenge for me as I'm used to making stuff out of heavier stock than this 1/4 inch square stock. little more delicate,lots of tiny tapers and short work time due to heat loss, also I didn't even try splitting the stock with a chisel so I instead slit them on a small bandsaw before forging out the heart tines. The last photo shows the jig I made for shaping each half of the heart for more uniformity(35 hearts is alot of shaping). Only lost two of the 35 due to tines breaking, they made great coat hooks at the door way though.

next are whats left of a batch (25) of RR spike bottle openers I tried following Mark Aspery's book and I have less than half those left so I'll be making more for this same show.
And finally a candle holder I made, the last one of a dozen made at the same time. These were well recieved so I put the word out that I was looking for more insulators, and folks have been bringing them in by the baskets full just to get ride of them cause they didn't have a use for them but couldn't see throwing them away, lucky me. Made from 3/8 square.

I did some further looking and noticed that this topic may be in the wrong catagory, if this is the case please feel free to redirect it. On second thought, I suppose this topic could become a project topic? Wes

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Looks like you have been busy. I like the candle holder, too. I'll have to try to get hold of some insulators and give that a try. As for resizing your pics, download the free program called "Fotosizer." That is what I use and it works very well. I resize mine to 600pix X 450pix. You can size them to what you want. But that size seems to work for me. They load very quickly, when clicked on in the forum post. Hope this helps. :D

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Nice clean hardware, I would buy it.................I set my camera on the lowest resolution setting it has for posting, then back up so the pic doesn't fill the frame, shoot, and crop to size........there's more than one way to gut a dog.............mb

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Ok, so I made the mistake of having the wife sit down next to me while I was looking at your pictures. THANKS A LOT! Now I have even more stuff to make. :D

Really nice looking heart hooks. I was marveling at how you kept them so similar. Pic #3 told me "the rest of the story." Good thinking. I'll have to add that to my bag of stolen tricks. B) She is also a sucker for candle holders like the insulator cup.

Got to keep her happy. Thanks for posting.

Mark <º))><

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great work viking your heart hooks are so evenly shaped and I also love the bottle openers I will have to search this site and see if there is a blue print /or a how two on them to fabricate.
I have tried in the past to make a bottle opener from an old railway spike but kept stuffing the end up when I tried to drift it open ,yours are a great shape and look very solid and would make great gifts for some mates.
thanks for the pictures ,ideas :)

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sorry for the stupid question, but what is an insulator, as you refered to in the first post

Not a stupid question. Glass insulators were used on power lines to keep the wires off the poles and off the bolts. They were also used on telegraph poles as insulators for the wires. I have found them mostly along old railroads. They are very heavy glass and come in clear, green, and blue that I have encountered.




Hope this helps. If we don't ask, we don't learn.

Mark <><
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