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Motorcycle/chainsaw chain/ cable damascus

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Hi Phil,

If the chain has a bunch of crud, I will soak it in solvent to get as much of the crud out as possible then I fold the chain on its self. This is where some guys do different I weld mine others will tie it together with wire. I weld a piece of rebar on it so I got something to grab a hold of. You also need to keep in mind that you want to hit flat with the link and not on top of the link, if you hit the top of the links they will come apart. I bring it up to a red heat bring it out and flux it well then back in I then bring it out at an orange heat and just start to compress everything a little (just to tighten up the billet for the first weld) I will brush then reflux back in bring up to a welding heat (I like to let it soak a few minutes once it reaches the weld heat) I then bring it out and with firm flat blows start to weld when the heat starts to drop brush flux and back in and continue until fully welded. Make sure your anvil is hot as it will draw heat from your billet very fast.

hope this helps.

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One thing to beware of with motorcycle chain. The modern stuff has nitrile rubber O-rings built into each link, to keep road muck out of the rollers.

It's impossible to remove them and the burned residues of these rings can prevent full welding and leave inclusions in the weld.

It's not a problem with industrial roller chain or chainsaw chain.


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I tried some of this today with some rusty old bicycle chain i have had laying around. It worked pretty good. I managed to weld up a little test section about 2 or 3 inches long, and then folded it once, then the second fold snapped the one peice into two peices. All the while I didn't use any flux, as I do not have any and am poor:). so I mig welded the two peices together with mild steel flux core wire, and then hammered it out into a leech shape peice, cut some grooves in it and hammered it flat again, and formed it into a ring. I have it sitting in vinegar right now, which I will let it sit in for a few days.

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