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I Forge Iron

Hello from WI


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Since my intro course at the Folk School in Gran Marais, MN I was hooked. More classes with Micheal Jones out near Ashland, WI. Tunnel Mill craft school in Spring Valley, MN with John Adams for the last 3 years now. Found a nice square forge and blower last fall. Looking for a 150lb.+ anvil. I enjoy making gear for my rendezvous events(historical reenacting - fur trade era).

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Hey Twister!

Welcome to IFI. Lots to learn here from some very knowledgable people (not me). Pull up a stump, sit a spell, meet some interesting people and enjoy.

Each tuesday nite at 10pm eastern time, there are BP's in the chat room. BP's are blue prints that are posted while people chat that have a lot of neat things to make and share. Just join in the chat at 10pm or earlier and you'll see.


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Welcome to the group
I have been to Tunnel Mill several times a year for the last 20 years or so.
Have we crossed paths?
Spent the day unloading and loading the van to go to BAM conference leaving Wed.
Spent Sat and Sun making 9 one piece roses and a vase for the BAM gallery and auction.
One was made from 3/4" round, 2 from 1/2" round and the rest from 3/8" round.
Need to get a picture of these.
Last week I did a dozen for the Northern MN Metalsmiths conference auction.
Forgot to get a picture of those.

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