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I got my 25# LG moved today

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I removed the hammer head assembly and shaft then laid the frame down on my trailer. The ride home was uneventful. The front bearing is broken so I expect I'll be learning how to pour babbit :) all the other bearing surfaces were healthy but by the look of the bad one the shaft was out of alignment causing uneven wear.


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I would not worry about the missing portion of the babbit if you had shims under this. The small portion that is missing would not affect it. The miss alignment is common among Little Giants. I've seen worse. You have to remember that this is an as cast part and some alignment in the babbit is expected.

On a side note if this bearing is showing that much wear you've got problems some where else and you need to post more pictures and the good folks here will get you though them. Also if you advice pouring new babbit contact Sid. He will get you through it with little problem. The most complicated part of it is the prep. time involved.

Enjoy that new hammer.

Dave from Diller

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