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For Sale; 50# old style Little Giant in Louisville Ky.

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For $3850.00 I am selling the best 50 pound Little Giant power hammer you will find anywhere. It is an old style made in 1907 Serial # 1157. Three sets of dies are included; 6"wide drawing dies, 3" X 6" flat dies with a tool holder, 2 1/8" X 6" flat dies and a bridge for forging rings and bushings. It has a brake allowing a single blow hit. The bearings are true and tight. The wood clutch blocks are in excellent condition. The height adjustment is very easy to use and it holds solid. All pins and links are tight. It has forged arms with an adjuster on both sides. The guides are are in very good condition. It has a wrap around front guide that I made and machined true so it bolts up without any fuss. The dovetails are in fine condition and hold the dies very solidly. It has a guard that covers the ram, arms and spring. The hammer has a treadle extension that allows the operator to stand with both feet flat on the floor. The motor is a 1 1/2 HP Baldor single phase 220/110 volt. It has a double V-belt drive. There is no removable sow block. The hammer is sitting on a solid oak foundation approximately 4' X 5' and 5' thick. This makes it possible to run it anywhere there is electric. I made this for doing a demonstration at a blacksmith conference. If you want it add $100.00 to the price. Clifton Ralph ran this hammer and asked "What did you do to this hammer? Its the hardest hitting 50# Little Giant I have ever used" I told him "I did just what you said to do to a hammer to make it better" Knife maker Billy Merritt was equally impressed when he used it during a weekend demonstration. The hammer has perfect control and a lot of daylight making it very handy for a wide range of work. I can load it on your truck or deliver it locally for free. Delivery up to 100 miles for $1.50 a mile. Email for more photos, or call Danny at 502-231-3880.



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