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does anyone know if this is part of a rubber tyre machine


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just a guess on my part but the first picture the working end of the tool that has the handle looks like it is to sharpen disk blades.
It appears to be a roller on the end
Disk sharpeners had this type roller the blade was spun and reformed.

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post-15904-0-23170500-1303168322_thumb.jpost-15904-0-99504900-1303168360_thumb.jpost-15904-0-36646600-1303168413_thumb.jsome better pics,ahh maybe the smaller 1 is a sharpener,they both were in the same place and had a melbourne distributer brass plate on them (eliza tinsley )as far as i know he was a bussiness in the late 1800's,cheers ,glen
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Looking at the last picture
I still think it could be for disk blades.
One would have to disassemble the disk which here in the US that was a large nut on the end of the shaft. The shaft would have to be pulled off and each blade would be done individually.
Hard to think of as sharpening as there is no stone involved it was reformed cold.
Never seen it done and if it had a large chip out of it it must have been junk but if it bent it was sharpened by reforming by rolling the edge.

Looking at the picture the nut on the left comes off and is there a square shaft befind the nut?

The handle is movable to move the roller into the position to do the work.

Again only guessing from what I have seen at old farm sales over the last 32 years and that was in the US.

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yes mate your definiatly right,the bolt that goes through to hold the disc in place is not orriginal would be good to see how it was ,thanks for that been looking at it for a while but it makes sence now that you pointed it out,now to sort the rubber machine ,its different to others i've seen ,cheers ,glen

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