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I'd been doing knives for a while. I did a few twist but it was always a challenge without a vise. Jery rigged clamps and loosely fitted temporary jigs but they're awkward and a straight even tight twist is difficult but not impossible. Easy if you're using a welding machine and something darn heavy... wish I owned one. I'm sure I will eventually.. I digress..
I wanted to hold off on getting a vise till I found an affordable leg vise, but I got tired.

So when I got my little 4 inch bench vise I went hog wild. A coal rake; my forge is just over knee high and I'm a ambidextrous, but left dominate person just to give you an idea.


My shellfish knife/bottle opener.


A couple of bottle openers. A weeding tool and little spade both for right handed folks.


The DC salt water "Mmmm Beer" skull and crossbones etch on the bottle opener didn't photograph well; here is a picture of the flower on the weeding tool.





Thanks for looking! Here is a little tip for those still learning the ropes.
My HF 'Chicago' grinder has lasted me a long time it's higher rpm compared to my other angle grinder is more or less useful at times. But to keep your erasers in good repair replace these little guys every so often. Or if you're cheap you'll notice the sandpaper.



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