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A neat forge a friend built


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Here's a neat forge a friend of mine built for himself, he had the firepot already, and found himself a nice little champion blower, but lacked a base. So he took a well control tank and started cutting, and this was the result:
The firepot stood off the bottom of the tank, so I gave him some clay and he built up around the firepot with a clay/sand mix until it was level with the top.
He also was missing a coupler to go between the 3" inlet of the firepot and the 2" hose coming off his blower, so I got creative and cast him an adapter, came out pretty nice, and fit near perfect.
The whole rig works like a champ, we fired it up yesterday and heated up the first steel on it, that little blower puts out a lot of air. Larry thinks his stack could be a bit taller for better draft, but after it heated up it drew a bit better. It's a piece of 12" stainless conduit he had.
That's my handsome mug in the second pic, I managed to make a pretty good knife blank using the forge (my first ever, I'll post about that in the knife forum) using Brian Brazeal's technique. We had a fun afternoon, and Larry has a nice new forge.

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Good looking forge - Nice job on the adapter OD!

Sand-cast or lost wax?

Lost foam, actually, and I bored it out using the Gingery lathe that I am (painfully slowly) building,. Lost foam is nice for one-offs and quick projects, I usually don't like the surface quality but then again I don't coat my foam with anything, I usually use it for structural stuff where looks aren't important. I didn't get any pics of that, I start something and about halfway through I think "Geeze, I shoulda been taking pics!" The camera is usually dead anyways when I do remember.
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Its threads like this that keep me wondering why people have to buy a "real" forge of fleabay for lots of money when a perfectly good one can be made with a bit of thought and effort.

Really well done you should be proud of that little one.

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