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I Forge Iron

Hello from Rutland, MA


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Hello from Rutland, MA...

I ended up here from SFT.com. Been a lover of Iron for 32 out of my 42 years. Been working with Iron since I was 10 and started forging right around the same time. Did it professional full time for 13 years then moved into Farrier work.

I've done Wheelwright work, tooling, hardware, Decrotive wrought iron, Ningu, axes, etc, etc.

I'm not artistic nor an artist. I'm a trades person. Old time blacksmith. Do it to get it done.... Much more a utilitarian... Function and form are beautiful.

Don't have many pictures on the computer but here are a few I just snapped of some 2 tyne forks AKA Vieny roasters.

Thanks and nice to be here. Jennifer


The attachments are full res. Sorry about that. I have included a link to my online pics for easy of viewing.





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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! Nice work! Thanks for posting them. Glad you are here and look forward to seeing more of your work. You will find that the folks here make a vast array of things, from the simple to complex. ANYBODY can fit in. Tons of info here and don't forget the archives, but do remember to let someone know where you are as you can spend DAYS there! Enjoy the site and once again, welcome.

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