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Horizontal drill press

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Hello folks,

Here is a horizontal drill press setup I made from an old hand cranked post drill and some scrap steel angle iron and square tubing I had laying around the shop. I had to forge up a new automatic feed lever assembly, and since everything is horizontal, I had to make a return spring to move the feed ratchet back up. In the vertical setup the shape of the feed ratchet allows it to return by gravity. I could have made up a counter weight extended off the part that rides on the crank cam, but a return spring gives a clean appearance, plus I wanted to try my hand at spring making. It has a flat stock table that can be adjusted up or down and forward and back from the drill chuck. Line it up, clamp your work to it and drill away. Right now I plan to use it only for wood stuff, as I do not think the worktable is rigid enough for metal stuff, although I




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That came out very nice, I now understand what you were saying about having the spring, but didn't think you were talking about using a forged spring, for some reason I thought you were talking about a coil spring on the bolt.

Very nice.

Also glad to see you posting, even posting pics, impressive...:cool:

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It was built for boring out the pilot holes for sword blade grips prior to burning in the tang. I have an order for a pair of Early 16th century Hand and a half German long swords that have a 10 inch grip. This will make drilling a 10 inch hole a little less dificult.

I am sure more uses will pop up over time.

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Very nice detailed pics
glad you posted them

I have a Cannedy Otto 00
that the previous owners father
adapted to use as a lathe, like yours,
lying on it's back.

Now I've got it and sure would like to use
it vertically, but he tapped the original chuck
out to 3/4x16. Jacobs makes a chuck tapped
to take a stud that size, but they want
in excess of $100 for it retail. I do have
a nice Jacobs for up to half inch, but it's
tapped for 1/4x20. Any suggestions
on how to mate the two?


p.s. HOW do you get pictures to show up in a thread?

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As for adapting the chuck to your drill press, I would cut the large size threads on a lathe and then turn down the rod beyond those threads and cut the smaller size threads to fit my chuck.

Is your chuck threaded for 1/2-20?

On mine, the chuck still had the plain 1/2 inch hole with the set screw. I just got a bolt of the approiate legnth and thread for my chuck and used that as a stud. (After I cut off the bolt head of course.)

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