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Forgemaster 50000 damage


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I have a 2003 Forgemaster 50000 2 burner forge. It has been getting a lot of use lately.
I have noticed that the front top of the door frame is burning away. Also the inside bottom and sides are pretty beat up.
I think I need a "liner kit"? Has anyone done this job on a Forgemaster or similar forge?


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I haven't relined a forgemaster 5000, but i have relined my diamondback two burner, and it was easy. I also coated in itc to keep the flux damage down, seems to help it heat faster too. I'm sure blacksmith depot crries the re-line kits.

What did you coat the bottom with? Got the reline kit today.
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You can use itc to coat the whole interior. it is supposed to help with durability, and heat reflection. Your reline kit should have come with a hard fire brick material for the floor. Depending on how much forge welding and flux you use, nothing really keeps the flux from eating the floor. Some people use a separate floor liner. Check out chile forge, they make a floor liner out of a high temp. tile, call it forge armour.

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