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Crazy blue welding lens

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OK guys , what's with this blue lens on flea -bay. I was crusing thru the site and ran across this , looks like a ordinary glass lens for a welding helmit except for the color ... 5 guys bidding and it's up to $329.00.
Is this thing magic , like the old x-ray glasses advertised in the back of the comic books.


Joe B

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Insanity at it`s best.
This type of lens I believe is akin to the old cobalt blue lenses we used to use for torch welding aluminum.
I have no clue why someone thinks it`s so valuable but then again there`s a lot of things that surprise me on Flea-bay.

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Those lenses are the best money can buy, I have that exact lens that I paid $50 or $60 for new, twenty years ago when I was doing a lot of aluminum work. No eye strain. Those guys bidding on it value their eyesight and probably have sensitive eyes. I would buy a #10 and #11 but not at those prices.

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If that was a shade 10 I'm safe to say it would go for over a grand. I use a NEXGEN auto darking and love it. It's clearer than anything I have ever used. Although it probably should be for $300 lol


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