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Thought I would try to post a picture of a piece of work I have done lately. Haven't posted Pics in a while...at least a couple of yrs and before the "new" updates.

Made this last summer for an art show/competition and then made another for our Daughter-n-law's birthday gift.
Hope it shows up and at a decent size.... If it come through right I will post some more pics of some other work.
Drum roll please....

I quit!! May try to post a pic some other time but after 5 attempts I'm getting just a little ticked....Sure miss the old format. "New and Improved" is never what they crack it up to be. And I even went by the "master's" instructions-- http://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/19225-posting-pictures/page__p__197587__hl__%2Bposting+%2Bpictures%2C+%2Bimages__fromsearch__1#entry197587

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I have given up on post pictures too! Any way that is one of the best crosses I have seen and I really like the use of negative space for the cross instead of the metal being the cross. The texture is nice too. This is a very fine example of "fine art". You have gone one step higher in the craft than before. Negative space is as important or more so than positive space. Really excellent work! B)

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