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I Forge Iron

Forging wrought iron

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I did a little forging yesterday I recently got some wrought iron from a guy on ebay. This stuff seems like good material, I did not find any impurities. I forged some mushrooms, something that I learned from Brian Brazeal. Using 3/4 inch round stock this is forged over the far-side of the anvil on a sharp edge. It uses very little material I got 5 mushrooms using no more than 6 inches of material and very little fuel. The first couple of shots show the one that stuck to the hot cut and you can see the fibrous wrought in the second pic

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Ya ironstein those sharp edges are very necessary for this and having a nice solid base to strike back towards yourself using the far side of the anvil makes it easy to finish off (you could also use the near side but you have to drop the piece down low to get the right angle)
Fe- they are great sauteed, a good source of iron as well 1000x the recommended daily allowance

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No doubt those sharp edges come in handy! I think the wife is breaking down, finally thinking about letting me purchase a nice new ozark pattern. Keep the fingers crossed for the tax return. Going in saturday. I don't have a sharp edge left on my hay budden, it will be nice to use something other than an anvil block!

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