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Bradley West Coast Search

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Hi everyone, I've been looking for a heavy power hammer for a while now, I would prefer a large Bradley I love how simple they are, but it's tough to find one out west. I've been on craigslist at least once a day for a couple months and every once in a while a Little Giant comes up. Not sure if driving all the way over to the other side of the states is worth it, any help would be greatly appreciated

I'm in central Ca btw

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As far as large Bradley's are concerned, I only know of less than half a dozen of the 300 lbs and 2 of the 500 lbs. currently beeing used by blacksmiths. I'm sure there are others out there, and some are probably still to be found in facatory enviroments but what I've seen of Bradleys coming out of industrial enviroments are the medium sized units up to 200lbs. I know of a few smiths in CA runnng Bradleys, but most seem to have originated from manufacturing sites on the eastern half of the US. That being said, if you want a reliable, simple, industrial quality machine then it is worth shipping. When I bought mine, it was in Oklahoma city and I was in eastern Ohio. Prior to that my hammer had been with a smith in Virginia and before that it had been down south somewhere. While shipping isn't cheap, it doesn't have to be outrageous either, especially if the buyer and seller both have a means to load/unload. Besides the two hammers Stewart noted, there are also some in the Akron Ohio area listed by WelderJim. He does have a means to load on his on a commercial carrier. Good luck with your search. They are great machines.


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An old logging smith told me that the Bradley cushioned helves were popular in the logging camps a hundred years ago. The reason they liked them was that they moved the camps regularly and the Bradley's were low to the ground and were easily skidded. Probably a lot of them still out in the woods.

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There is a 250 lb. Mayers Brothers setting behind my shop $2500.00.
I am in the North East corner of Oregon


[ quote name='Shadill' timestamp='1297985222' post='212041']
It's enough drive you nuts, because you know there's gotta be some out there nearby just sitting, and people probably don't even know what it is half the time

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