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first axe

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My first forged axe head. Not all that pleased with how the eye turned out. Will have to make a drift more suited to the job. Steel was a strip of 3/4" plate little over an 1" wide from the scrap bin at work. Seemed to harden up about right so that was a bonus. Slitting chisel worked good.

New axe posing next to 2 old ones from leaf spring and 1/2" galvanized pipe flattened and welded on. The polled one travels everywhere in my pickup. Has served well. The other has a really thin blade and get used for roughing out the odd bit of woodworking in my shop.

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Nice job. I'm impressed. As far as the eye is concerened, unless its just your personal feeling, there was no such thing as a 'standad' eye type unless the ax was being mass produced to be shipped to the colonies for trade. I have yet to make a tomahawk, or camp ax with the same eye. Its just whatever I have on hand at the time for the drift, or I just make a solid head, anneal, then drill and file.
I have books on hawks, and axes.

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It was a thicker piece of spring. Maybe from a log truck to far back to remember now. pretty sure I torched it out roughly to shape and ground it all down to where I wanted it. It's wedged in the seat of the truck but pretty sure it's about 3/8" thick on the hammer end. The cutting edge is a fairly steep convex grind, does a passable job at splitting wood for a campfire. Just heavy enough you can beat on something fairly good with the hammer end.

Not pleased with the drifted eye in that it's not nice and even,nor a uniform taper to it. Not to concerned with size,just not a nice uniform oval from the top like I had wanted. Might take the die grinder at work and dress it up a little on the inside yet. Depends on just how far behind we end up with all the equipment...services due and whatever else the bush crew can thrash

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