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Mousehole era of manufacture?

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Picked this one up the other day, two handling holes front and rear, one in the underside(filled in with a solid bar(?)), 1*3*3* marked but no logo or letters are visible, the horn has a sort of tapered underside where it joins the body and a '3' on the base under the horn. Great rebound and sound, a bit of swayback but it'll be my use anvil.
One last question: the pritchel is not centered or squared to that corner of the table, could it have been added later?






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"If these anvils could talk"...always interesting to wonder what was made on this particular anvil in its over 100 year history, and where, and who.

Today it helped make two railroad spikes into tomahawks and on old file into a nice patch knife, at a place far from it's origin or original buyer.
The odd pic of the 75lb 5x5x10" 4140 tool steel is for 'good weather outside', it'll be set in a 51x20" oak log, half of which is buried with drainage.
Thirty degrees here today and ever'one's all giddy! My arms are tired..............






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