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Gas Forge temperature


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As it's cold, very cold outside, so I'm not doing much forging (my smithy is under a maple tree in my back yard), but that doesn't stop me from thinking about things.

I've not yet done forge welding with my little propane forge. I'm wondering if I can it get hot enough. I'm using a z-burner from Zoeller forge and the forge is built from insulating (soft) firebrick.

What ceramic cone best corresponds to forge welding temperature if I'm trying to weld A-36 steel?

Thanks in advance,


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Cones measure heat work, not just temperature. They're meant to be heated very slowly, by blacksmith standards. Heating at the rates encountered in a forge will mess with the results in ways I couldn't begin to predict. The charts don't address heating rates of tens of thousands of degrees per hour.

Grant is absolutely right: a much easier way to answer your question would simple be to try to weld with the thing!

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