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4th Annual Fire and Brimstone Hammer-In

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Please consider joining us for the 2011 Fire and Brimstone Hammer-In and Smelt on March 26th.-27th. 2011 in Historic Marriottsville, Maryland

Jesus Hernandez will be running our tatara and Tony Swatton will once again be coming to show us how to make and use the tools we all want! . Additional demonstrations and lectures will be happening all weekend. We will have forging on our power hammers as well as metal casting. Event will be at our forge (Baltimore Knife and Sword Co.) and the Church/Studio next door (Fire and Brimstone Studio).

We have just purchased a number of large wood turning lathes and spinning lathes and will be finding demonstrators who can give us some hands on lessons.

Hopefully the Nazel 4B will be up and running. It is installed in place but need some love. The Beaudry is on foundation and should be rocking soon! John Larson will of course be bringing hammers for sale and demonstrating and anyone with tools or machines for sale or trade is encouraged and welcome.

Additional confirmed demonstrators we will be working into the schedule include Jeff Pringle, Deker, Larry Nowicki, Chris Price, Kerry and Matt Stagmer. If you are a demonstrator or are planning to come and have something to share, please touch base as we would like to pack in as much information as possible for attendees. As always we will try to allow as much hands on with demonstrator oversight as possible.

We will be limiting attendance to 60. Registration will be $75 for the entire weekend to offset our costs. Vendors and tailgating is encouraged at no additional fee and will have separate parking, trailers allowed.

Please visit our site http://www.fireandbrimstone.com

The site will include accommodations, Schedule, and Artists/Demonstrators. We are still rebuilding the site but it is live now and registration is open. I will be talking to the local hotel to see if we can get group rates. Breakfast and lunch are provided, grills are open for anything you wish to bring or share! Camping is encouraged but weather in Maryland is always suspect! The later dates should help us out quite a bit. The first year we had snow, 2nd year it was down right warm and sunny, 3rd well we had a little water.... There are bathrooms(spot-a-pots) but no showers.

We will be updating the site often as we confirm additions to the event.

This just in..... Doug Seward and his BBQ have confirmed..... The raisins are already soaking...















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