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Hello Friends,
Trying to get ready for the holiday season and looking for ideas for hand made gifts.:confused: Any suggestions? Also, where do you find projects, tooling ideas, and how to's, other than this great place? Please remeber to pray for and support our troop!

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Hey all.

The search for projects that are economical, attractive and sellable is a constant one. One tremendous source is the mutlitude of Heavy Experience on this list. Bill Epps knows what sells, and ask him, he will tell you.

I started a book of projects years ago, when anvilfire first appeared. Every project that I liked is filed with a worksheet to make notes so projects can be analysed and actual cost can be determined.

Also seems that the process of making a project, successful or not will inspire variations or new branches.

Lets hear what everyone else is doing. (me: candlestick holders, cala lilies, free sculpture,fireplace tools, leaf key rings, business card holders)

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So far for my own gift giving I have made 3 napkin holders, 3 paper towel holders, 2 sets fireplace tools (1 elaborate & 1 heavy duty), 2 rr spike hooks with leaves on the end, 1 set BBQ tools, 1 pair candlesticks, and 2 lamps.

Also working on a 42" X 20" hanging pot rack for a buyer.

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Napkin rings are quick and easy, once you make a jig. Nutcrackers are more involved, but well appreciated. Trivets can be as quick or fancy as you want. Little trinkets like leaf key fobs are nice. Maybe a personalized Christmas tree ornament?

And also check out Anvilfire link removed at the request of anvilefire for some neat ideas.

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Canman, IForgeIron has over 400 Blueprints how-to tutorials on making tools, jigs, and some projects. There are some 1,800 photos in the IForgeIron Gallery that cover many areas of blacksmithing, tools, jigs, projects, tools, etc.

Bill Epps have 4 how-to blacksmithing books for sale in the IForgeIron Store. Each book have several projects with detailed instructions on how to make that project. These projects were chosen because they sold well for Bill at his shows.

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