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American Wrought anvil

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Hello all, this is my first post and I have a few questions about my anvil. It says American Wrought with a horseshoe logo and is 125 pounds. However one end is cracking away and the edges have seen better days. It still works, but I would like to have a new surface. How much does it usually cost to get this done? Who does anvil resurfacing?

Is this anvil even worth getting resurfaced? Thanks

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A picture would really help; can you describe in great detail what you mean by the defects you mention?

Many times problems can be fairly minor and can just be ignored. I commonly use a couple of anvils that have parts that have broken off totally; but the face that is left is in great shape---one is missing the heel and so I have to use hardy tools in the postvise. (save that I recently put a prosthetic hardy hole on it..)

When I have had anvils worked on they were done as part of a local blacksmith's club anvil repair days (in both NM and OH USA). The cost of having someone that knows what they are doing fix your anvil for you can be rather expensive otherwise; e.g. a friend had an anvil that had had the face milled flat---and too thin to use. Took a professional welder over 5 hours to re-do it so it could be used. Paying a typical weldor's shop rate would have been more than the cost of buying one in better shape; but as part of an anvil repair clinic he just paid for the consumables and had a great anvil afterwards.

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