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I Forge Iron

Finger cymbals from bronze

Steve Shimanek

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nice! i love this kind of thing! :)

Didn`t know you were into belly dancing Beth.You are truly a woman of many talents who is obviously capable of multi-tasking.
Any links to videos of you forging while wearing one of those costumes and that strange yet exciting music playing on the shop stereo? I`m sure the leather apron,safety glasses and heavy footgear sort of spoils the effect and hinders movement somewhat.Still like to see it though. :D
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ha ha well no sadly, mainly, belly dancing is not one of my many talents - and like you said even if i planned to take it up, the steel toe caps safety gear and the leather apron would certainly impede my expressive dancing - as would the gloves re getting the cymbals actually on.... hmmm - maybe we could look into a bigger fit for those of us who need to dance "on the job"..... you will be pleased to know that in a similar vein i got a very nice tambourine for christmas - which now you mention it would be altogether easier to use at the anvil..... will keep ya posted ;)

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