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Last roll of Kodachrome


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The Kodachrome was discontinued some time ago. The last roll of Kodak Kodachrome slide film was processed today on the last remaining processor still in service.

There is a 1 minute advertisement before the news video


KODACHROME 64 Film features extremely fine grain and extremely high sharpness. It is an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications. KODACHROME 200 Film features fine grain and extremely high sharpness. With its faster speed, the film is ideal for low-light situations and photo shoots requiring increased depth of field. Use these films to produce color transparencies for projection or viewing with 5000 K illumination.

• Excellent for outdoor, travel, and nature applications
• Extremely sharp
• Extremely fine grain
• Reproduces subtle color naturally
• Archival

• Well suited for fast action and low-light applications
• Natural colors
• 200 speed for stopping action and for use with telephoto lenses
• Extremely high sharpness and fine grain
• Archival

There is no exact replacement according to Kodak.

Most images are recorded on digital media today. Digital media is now dependent of the soft wear used to record and to read the media. Who still has a 5-1/2 floppy drive in order to read the data stored on those disks? Or the soft wear to view the data? Who still has a reel to reel tape recorder or player?

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I have a reel to reel, an 8 track, a record player that plays 78/45/33 RPM records, a few CB radios, and all kinds of old cameras and even some film to go with them. I think we have gone so far so fast that the things we took for granted in our childhood have to be held onto to show others what they were like. My parents were born before a lot of the camera I have were even made, and today I use digital cameras for their convenience just like everyone else.

Of course you're talking to someone who would love to make an entire gun by hand. Taking a piece of raw material and realizing a dream.

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I sure miss my old cameras, now I feel like a need a degree in computer science to use the one my wife bought me and I have totally give up on ever posting a picture here. After I got so upset and threw up I have figured there ain't anything I have that you all need to see. My son has a good time with the camera though. He takes pictures of these little ugly army men he glues together. Film was easy, I pushed the button, took the film to the drug store, picked up my pictures, got more copies to send to you, wrote a letter, put them in an envelope, stuck a stamp on it and let the USPS do the rest. No going to Photo Bucket, getting a URLPDQ123, linking it to the Johonston-Bearing-Skifenblevin-Humdinger-Whatchamcallit-Downhacker- Hyperdrive-Linker-Picture Translator, then reinserting the urlPDQrsw@$^*123 into the Backhanded-Whacamacallit-Uphacker 6003 to see what I want to show you, that's about when I hurl my cookies. I hate computers, licking a stamp was a lot easier if I wanted you to see my photos. I sure liked my old Cannon camera. :)
Simple equipment for simple folk <_<

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Hey Glenn. I still have a reel to reel audio recorder that I took with me to Vietnam to send tapes back home and listen to tapes from back home. I also still have an 8mm reel to reel projector and some films that I took in Nam. Also one of "Tricky Dick" Nixon, when he visited Laredo AFB, when I was stationed there in 1972. I was about 6" from him. :D

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