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I Forge Iron

Use For Old Door Knobs

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Thats ingenious!!! If she's like my wife she's going to love'm!! laugh.gif Loren

She did, I couldn't stand it and I have already let her un-wrap them. She loved them. I was very pleased with how they turned out. Your's and my wife appreciate old things that if they could talk what a tale they could tell. I am the same way. We love to visit places like the French Quarter and the Garden District in New Orleans and look at all of the old homes. We were there a few weeks ago and we went by the house that they filmed a Curious Case of Benjimin Button in when he was growing up. They are remodeling it but have some very nice iron work on the transom above the front door. I want to do some for ours based on it.

I like taking old things and making them new again.
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How did you make the stopper? My wife has a bunch of the old door knobs and this looks like a good way to use/display a couple of them. Looks great!


It will cost you 6 door knobs, just kidding. I took a cheap store bought stopper and un-screwed the stopper from it. Then I cut off the square rod that the door knobs screws onto flush with the knob and tapped it so that the stopper would screw onto it. The cork screw was made with the threaded square bar that the knob screws onto. I cutt off about 2 1/2 to 3" of it then forged about 1" of it out into a lonnnnnng point about 3" long and 1/8thor less round. Make sure the end is sharp. Then you hang the point off of the far side of the anvil and hammer it straight down the side of the anvil. Heat it good and begin to curl it up. When you are curling it into a coil make sure that it is hot or you will break it and make SURE you are winding it to the right. This way when you inserting the cork screw you will be twisting to the right, remember righty tighty, lefty loosey. When you coil it keep the coil together against itself and you can use the anvil face as well to help form it. Once the coil is made heat it up and use a screwdriver to seperate the coil to make the cork screw. TA DAA you are done. Then screw the door knob back onto the threaded bar and set the set screw.
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