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Shock mounted hammer handles??


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Ive saw that some makers say "shock mounted" handle..Is this some sort of epoxy around the haft? Or what is it? If it is what would you do if your handle broke seeing how the eye is apparently larger than normal.

They`ve been making shock absorbing and flexible hammers for centuries now.Look at silversmith`s hammers and chasing hammers to see what I mean.
Want some flex,shave the handle down till you get it.
Stay away from the whiz-bang,nu-tech stuff.You`ll only be disappointed in the long run.
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Sikaflex is an adhesive that has good gap filling properties and is used by Hofi to set hammer handles. Glenn sells it in the IFI store. Remember that the tube WILL dry out once opened, and it is enough to do several hammers. It is also used as an adhesive sealant on boats which is how I am familiar with it.


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sikaflex is also used when butting two concrete pads together. it is self leveling and seeps into all the little knooks and crannies. Keeps the edges from chipping up on either side of the butted concrete pads. It holds up well to human traffic, cars, some acids, and about anything. Dont get it on anything you dont want it on though if you use some because it is a PITA to get off. So long and short yes it is tough.

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