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Metal Shear


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Actually I made a shear out of leaf spring for the copper like fciron described - works like a charm. Have to hit the handle with a hammer for now because I didn't make it long enough, but it's shearing the rod nice and clean (and, occasionally, the soft bolt I'm using to hold the plates together - need to get a hardened bolt!).

I may give the copper a go on this cutter, though - I'm not sure how bad the distortion is going to effect what I'm doing since I'm hammering it all back into shape anyway. I'm mainly looking for something that will let me cut fast & consistent. I'm thinking I should be able to cut 1/2" square with this machine for the crosses I make, but I'll have to try to find some markings on it to see if I can find out what it's capacity is.

The price was just too good to pass it up. I'll find some way to put it to use! cool.gif

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