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A friend of mine is trying to get my wife and I to come out and try some 1812 re-enactment. We talked about it a bit and he even mentioned his unit would love to have a blacksmith. I've been thinking about it lately and then I find this on Kijiji - an 1800's anvil (I don't know the exact date), 50 lbs. Needs a bit of work, but would be a much better fit to an 1812 smith kit than my Mousehole. Got it for $65.00. I think this may be a sign ;).



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There is something fishy about that anvil. Not sure what. The texture implies it might be cast iron it sort of has a uniform pitting. Wrought iron will have a smother appearance and it might show a grain where it is corroded not generally pitting. Also the shape is wrong it has bevels running down the corners of the feet and the feet are too small in proportion to the feet. If it is not cast it is a one off anvil made by a shop that did not make very many anvils. It could also be much earlier than 1812 give or take 100 years. It also could be a domestic product made in the style of English anvils of the period its hard to say with out a time machine. But this is just my opinion and take it as such. Either way enjoy.

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The "body" Not the "feet" Bob, OK. It may be a very old ASO IMO.

My feet are too small in proportion to my body and some days they feel like very old ASOs so yeah,I can get behind that.
You been peekin` thru my windows again Tim?
Next time you swing by come in for coffee. :)
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