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info about this anvil

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I'm looking for any info about this anvil, it's about 100#, on one end Fisher is stamped and on the side is an eagle stamp / cast...I don't know if the horn has been cut or if it was originally built this way. Any history, worth....any info at all would be appreciated.
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The horn was damaged at some point. It looks like it was broken off with a hard top hit. Unless you need the narrow end point, you can live without it. You can always make up a stake to go in the hardy to substitute.

There should be a date on the base under the heel of the anvil. From the square logo, it should have a date from 1880 to 1900. Lots on information already posted about the history of Fisher on IFI. But is was made in Trenton, NJ, during the time that Clark Fisher ran the business.

The anvil is a bit rough, but still usable. Work with and around the roughness.

Value and worth is in the eye of the buyer or seller.

Ask away. Any questions are interesting to me.

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