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thank, compliments always appreciated as well as any critisism.
well to tell the true its a really odd handle. i started with no pin holes in the handle and my dad and i broke all the bits that would go through it so i took an angle grinder and ground slots about every 1/8th inch all down the handle on both sides. fit two copper pre-manufactured katana guards on it.then i took bamboo string used for crochee'ing thread (spelled it wrong) and wrapped it around the handle, layered it with duct tape, thats right u heard me, duct tape, another layer of bamboo string. then another layer of duct tape in small strips with the tape faceing sticky side up and criss crossing with sticky side down to hold it in place, then more bamboo string i repeated this process until i had what i was looking for in depth and comfort, compensating for the last steps, wrapped another layer of bamboo string, making sure to cover the entire handle, a good coating of elmers glue and then wrapped some soft leather i had laying around, let it cure over night. i then fit the pommel, off the same cheap wanna-be katana, glued it in place, decided that i wanted a little more thickness so i rubbed furniture beeswax with turpentine on the leather to prevent water from getting in, rubbed it dry and glued another layer on to the handle, i used a little bit of beeswax and indian ink to color the handle then parifin wax over the next few uses, helps to keep water out, once the wax settles in the handle is no longer slick and the glue and bamboo string gives the layers something to cling onto and makes it hard as wood. basicly a composite handle.

also if u will notice the blade is thin and the handle sits back a little, mixed with the slight falcata style blade it adds to power in your swing, and the italian style tip where the back has been ground away helps the swing feel less bulky slices through the air more cleanly. (hope that makes sense, let me know if i didnt describe it good enough).
I used a briggs and stratton spring steel machete, the one with the plastic oarnge handle, found at most hardware and sporting shops.

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