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Hmmm, is there an acceptable way to post to a copyrighted sight that allows the reader to see something before they click through?

When I posted I specifically identified the site the cartoon came from and made the image a hot link to the cartoonist's page. It has been replaced by a link to the image, which is less useful to the cartoonist than my link to her site.

Is there a way for me to format my post so that we can have the best of both worlds, some preview for IFI readers and some traffic for a site full of old pictures with nonsensical captions?

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The MTTS site clearly states MTTS is made by Drew and Natalie Dee. All contents © 2010.

IForgeIron guide lines are NO copyrighted material is to be used on the IFI site without the permission of the copyright holder. So the image was removed and a link inserted so the viewer could still see the image - but see it on the MTTS site, not on IForgeIron. This protects both sites.

The cartoon is related to blacksmithing. The rest of the MTTS site is not related to blacksmithing and does not meet the family forum guide lines of IForgeIron. Be inserting the link, the information is available, the copyright issues are avoided, the IFI guide lines are met, and blacksmithing is still the subject of the post.

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