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The price of things to come?

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I went for a long early drive on Thursday to a farm auction near Chambersburg, Pa. They had an interesting assortment of farm stuff, including a large anvil and several bicks. See photo for picture. Well, they finally got to the anvil after about three hours of selling. True to auction form, a bidding war ensued and it sold for $2200. It was 341 lbs, but unmarked. It was a cast anvil, with a steel top. But not a Fisher or Vulcan. It had the traces of the parting line on the center line of the anvil. I was amazed. $6/lb for a unmarked, cast anvil, not in perfect shape. The creasing bick/stake in the anvil picture sold for $100. Go figure....

I did come home with a large Beakhorn type stake that fits into a swage block. A beautiful piece in terrific shape. Round bottom post, not tapered. Also bought a smaller single sided bick that fits a hardy hole. Pictures this weekend after I get them out of my truck. I left smiling.

auction anvil.bmp

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He could have got a new anvil of known quality and a guarantee for that price! Crazy.

When I was in my teens a house in our village was auctioned. Two "determined" women were going to outbid each other. Eventually the one who got it paid more than double the value. I just don't understand why people go crazy at auctions but there is no doubt that some do.

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That very closely resembles one I had that someone thought was an unmarked Fisher. 341lbs? Too rich for me!

The give-away that it was not a Fisher was the parting line around the axis of the anvil. Fisher were cast upside-down, "parting lines" are at the waist.

I think a bit of auction fever was involved in the price. It shot up from 500 to 2200 in about 15 seconds. The gentleman from Deleware that bought it was pleased. I guess that is all that counts.
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