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earth cable


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I would use heavy shrink tubing or a commercial splice on the electrode lead.
The reason being the ground is what you want constantly connected to the work,Many times we have linked one bench to another or the work to the grounded bench by tacking bare steel across the gap and not created a life threatening hazard.
The connection with the electrode you only want to happen when you want to strike an arc and weld,this is the lead that carries the amperage and heat.Electrical tape will unwind or unravel under numerous outside influences beyond your control and unless you use about a half roll of it is not meant to handle the type of stress or amperage we`re talking about here.Tape is a temporary fix,go with a long term answer to the problem on the hot lead.

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The cables are at low voltage compared to mains but with that kind of amperage behind them they are surprisingly dangerous. I once came a across a welding accident report in which two men were welding high up on the face of a building in a cage suspended from the roof. The welding cables were also strung from the roof. The cables were in poor condition. A bare patch on the hot rubbed against the steel cable supporting the hoist and melted it. Neither of them survived the fall.

You really do want to do a first class repair.

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If the stinger lead or hot lead is cracked then as the others have said you should do a better repair on it. I like to use heavy heat shrink made for underground cable splicing. It is thick and has some sort of glue it it for waterproofing. The stuff is tough. If the lead is badly damaged you can turn it into another earth-ground lead or put a ground clamp on each end to do work off your welding table. That is also helpful if you are fighting arc blow sometimes. You dont want the hot to come in contact with anything other than the weld. If it is just hairline cracks the rubber is drying out and will loose chunks out of it sometime. Be careful.

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