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Bolted together vise stand


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Absent functional welding equipment at the moment, I looked over the accumulated metal on the patio and figured there was enough to bolt up a stand for the post vise, replacing the 2x6 lagged to the shop wall. The wall would bow just a bit when really working the vise. Vise was also too close to the wall.

In the anchor position is a 3 groove cast iron pulley that did some duty on an early treadle lathe concept (too heavy and hard to keep centered), on top of that is a cast iron cafe table base with a steel column and top plate, and some diamond plate scrap I had laying around.

U Bolts thru around the pulley spokes and up thru holes drilled in the cast iron base. That new 5/16ths drill bit was a wise purchase. A U bolt thru the lowest groove on the pulley keeps the tip of the vise post secure. More bolt holes thru the vise tongue/diamond plate/top plate hold the whole thing together.

Came out to 150 lbs total, don't recall if the vise is 40 or 60 lbs. Very stable for hammering and twisting, a bit rock-ey while hacksawing. I think a couple of sandbags on the base will help.


post-182-033841500 1287856553_thumb.jpg

post-182-070664300 1287856673_thumb.jpg

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