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Stuhr Museum Blacksmith classes

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Does Andy Rooney wear boxers or briefs? Depends!

How much experience do you have? How much money do you have? How much training do you have?

I take classes with the Vista Forge group of the CBA. They're only $5 per month, but I also need to join the museum which hosts the shop and the CBA.

Even the basic class gets into tempering. If you don't have any experience with it (I know I don't), that would be of some value.

But let me put it another way:

When I used to race cars, I started out running SCCA autocross in my local stadium parking lot. Cost me about $25/day to participate. I had fun, but I wanted to be faster. So I bought new wheels, tires, shocks, and sway bars for my Miata. Cost, all told, about $2000.

I also spent $125 on the autocross school.

The difference in my lap times from the school was waaaaaay more than the difference from the parts I bought.

If you have the money, do it. You'll get a full day of forging and meet some other smiths in your area. You might even learn something new.

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