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ABANA (Clay Spencer) Treadle Hammer

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I got plans for the ABANA Clay Spencer treadle hammer and am wanting to make it. I have been gathering materials. Who has made one or has one that could take some pictures of it for me? The plans don't have very good pictures (two) and are just of the side. Any help and advise is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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If you mean the plans with the roller blade wheels for guides, I built one. Here's a picture of it http://www.polarbearforge.com/shop/treadle_hammer.jpg. I followed the plans for the most part.

There were two things that I did change. For the tranisition piece that pivots on the head and connects to the cross bar I used a large piece of angle iron and cut it down to size. I didn't feel like bending the pieces like the plans showed.

The other change I made, was to drill a hole through the column rather than welding a pipe to the front of the upright colomn for the foot pedal to pivot on. I tried it both ways, and it was a lot sturdier. The only thing to remember is that you need to make the treadle a little longer.

I no longer have it to take more pictures. At the time, I didn't have the room for the treadle hammer and rolling mill in my old shop. So I dismantled the hammer.


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I haven't built one YET!! but the ones that the 4states iron munchers (texarkana,tx) group built they used 1"x4" flat and welded up the side for the anvil. (I think this was the only change they made.)Cheaper than the 4"rd and works just as good. I was able to get a 3 1/2ft piece of 4"rd at $0.04 per/LB! Friend was selling some 'scrap' and I unloaded what I could before he hauled it to the scrap yard, he was getting the 4cents and said I could pay the same. Put 1600# in the back of my 1/2 ton F-150!!

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I just posted a couple of pictures of the treadle hammer I built earlier this year. I just used the parallel arm design, and it works OK for me. The "hammer" weighs 66 lb and is supported by four pieces of garage door spring. I looked at a friend's treadle hammer and copied the design, but I thought the side to side play was a bit much (although, after years of use in a professional shop) so I used ball bearings at the back of the parallel arms. They are mounted in a "cage" made of 4 inch channel, and can be move up or down (not easily) in case I did not like the height of the hammer when the arms are in the horizontal position. The anvil is a 6 inch drill collar (250 lb)

Any kind of treadle hammer is a huge improvement if you are working by yourself!

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I'm in the process of building from that set of plans. You'll probably be done long before I am. ;) I build slow. I've been changing things as I go along to fit what I have on hand. I think I have pictures, somewhere, that I've taken of the inline hammer at AFC's Tannehill facility during conferences. Anything in particular you'd like to see?

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